My Favorite Workout Apps!


#1 Fave: SworkIt
-7.99$ a month

You can choose the time of your workout and which type of workout you want to do.

It will also remind you of when you need to work out the next day!
I love this for traveling or in a pinch need a pre-made workout!
The instructor does the move the whole time you’re doing it so you know exactly how to do each exercise!
If you want music in while you work out, you have to start the music after you start the workout which is kinda annoying, but no biggie.


Sworkit – Custom Workouts for Exercise & Fitness on the App Store

Google Play:

Sworkit – Workouts & Fitness Plans for Everyone – Android Apps on …




Fave ‘in-gym’ App: Aaptiv

Free App

I like this when I am at the gym because it isn’t video instruction, it’s all audio with music and audible instruction on what to do. It offers a variety of workouts plus it keeps your stats!!!
This is the app I like to use mostly for cardio because it pushes me to intensify my workouts. I normally am a steady pace cardio girl, so this is nice for switching it up!


Aaptiv: #1 Audio Fitness App on the App Store – iTunes – Apple

Google Play:

Aaptiv: #1 Audio Fitness App – Android Apps on Google Play



Another app you can add while you’re doing cardio is Charity Miles.

You can choose from a variety of charities and every mile you run, the app will donate a certain amount to the charity!




Charity Miles: Walking & Running Distance Tracker on the App Store

Google Play:

Charity Miles Walk&Run Tracker – Android Apps on Google Play



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