When I think back to becoming a new Mum in a different country far from all family – I don`t ever remember having a physical health goal or even considering an action plan to lose weight. I wanted to, but I really didn`t set out to make a change for 2 years. I had lost me and was selling myself all these lies about how it would be selfish now that I was a Mum to care about my physical appearance, that I didn`t matter. I convinced myself that it was normal to be overweight and exhausted.
I was still 50 lbs overweight from my pregnancy in which I had gained around 100lbs total. My son was now 2, I had gone back to work full time trying to find purpose and a fulfillment that I wasn`t finding as a stay at home Mum. I was empty inside and our family life was in complete chaos. We were SO busy, never spending enough time together. I was a couch potato on my days off, and my son was constantly sick from long hours at day care. My marriage was falling apart, because we were all pulled in different directions. I felt lost, I felt empty and I was lacking hope and intention to change any of it. I was completely humiliated with my physical appearance and ashamed of where I was after spending my entire life up to that point as a dancer. I was in survival mode thinking it was normal and this is what it meant to be a Mum in the modern day.
And then everything changed while I was at work one day. I was managing a Victoria`s Secret store that time and an old colleague and friend came in to get herself some new things as she`d lost weight. She too had given birth to her first child, much more recently than I had, and she looked better after the birth than I remember her looking before. She was glowing. So, of course I asked her what she was doing and she told me that it was Isagenix.
After that she added me to a Facebook group, so I could secretly observe real people using the products and ask questions if I had them. After researching the products on google the only question I had for the Facebook group was “how do I order?”. I think the pivotal thing for me was thinking “what if…” what if this could be the thing that would help me get back to where I wanted to be. I needed something simple and healthy and this checked all the boxes and more for me, so I dove in. I didn`t even tell my husband that I ordered. I needed to do this for me, I needed a change.
I remember on my first cleanse day I received a call from an unknown number and it was Cayla. She asked me how my cleanse day was going and answered some questions for me. Cayla told me I should help some of my friends grab a system – so that day I did just that. My results from the products were beyond anything I had expected. Day 11 was when I noticed a HUGE difference physically: my mid-section had shrunk, my work pants were literally falling off me, and I had boundless energy. I wasn`t a couch potato any more, and the most important thing was that I was happy. For the first time after a very long time I had hope and confidence, I felt like me again. I had JOY, something that had been missing from my life before.
Isagenix was giving me the tools I needed to be where I wanted to get to. Back to me. Everything changed over time. I established a healthy progress to my weight goal, along with a healthy relationship with my personal goals. I finally accepted myself as an individual who mattered. These were massive positive changes for me and my family. I had energy and a smile on my face, one that I was sharing with all my friends and family. I was so excited to see their personal progress, too. I was now making more money in my spare time than I was in my full-time job. I was SO excited about all these positive changes that were entering my life and the life of the ones who mattered most.
Now we live in Hawaii and spend more time doing things that we love to do, but none of this would have been possible without Isagenix. What I love most about what I do is getting to play a part in the success I see others achieve for both their physical and financial goals. It is SO exciting to be able to share such a life-changing opportunity and watch others` journeys unfold piece by piece. It makes me want to share with more and more people and show them what is possible. I love sharing my story with people to help plant a seed of what they can do within this crazy amazing company. I LOVE training my team and empowering them to tap into their potential and embrace success in all aspects of their lives.
Don`t wait – I have seen these products change hundreds and hundreds of lives. You have nothing to lose. What`s the worst thing that could happen? And what`s the best? To anyone who is thinking about joining the business, I would ask you how would you like a residual income, along with time and freedom? More time with the ones you love, more time doing the things you love, eating your overhead, feeling and looking your best, changing people`s lives, and fulfilling your own purpose. Doesn`t this all appeal to you?

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