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Are you ready to embrace your birthright and desire to elevate yourself as a business owner to lead, inspire, and ensure you have the foundations set for generational wealth? As a private 1-on-1 client, Cayla can help you identify any subconscious blocks holding you back, while giving you the business strategies to consistently reach your goals and provide multi-generational wealth for your family. She will show you how to take control of your earning power, build lucrative multi-dimensional businesses, and live abundant purpose filled lives. 

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In December of 2022 I was at my wit’s end. I felt like I was on an island that no one could help me off of. A network marketer (with a full blown successful top 1% career of almost a decade) who felt called to step fully into mindset coaching. WHO DOES THAT?

I had already launched my coaching business and was making multiple six figures a year doing it, but I wanted to reach and help more. No one I had ever heard of had done this who was at the top of their network marketing game. So while sitting next to my Christmas tree, I offered a silent prayer, asking God to lead me to someone who could help. I opened up my phone, did a Google search, and landed on an old podcast episode of Chalene Johnson, who was interviewing a girl named Cayla that I had never heard of before. She talked about all of the reasons she had stepped into coaching, even with a successful network marketing career. Everything she said resonated with me. So I googled her website (didn’t even think to look on Instagram), signed up for a discovery call, and prayed she still did private coaching. I told my husband I had just found my perfect match. Someone who had been where I was right now, and knew how to guide me to where I wanted to be. One week later, I was a private 1:1 client of Cayla’s. Thirty days later I made $50,000 in one week on top of my current salaries as a coach and network marketer. Two months later I launched another arm of my coaching business that has now created an additional $500,000 in income on its own, and my original coaching business has just crossed 7 figures of income for THE YEAR (and it’s only August). I was ready to step into this moment and this success with Cayla’s help. Her ability to pray over me, tell me the hard things I needed to hear, call me out on my crap, and give me real tangible ideas to implement has transformed my businesses but also the way I interact with everyone around me. Her generosity with sharing things that others might keep at the hip surprised me at first, but now I know it’s just who Cayla is to help the women she believes in win. I’m forever grateful that God brought Cayla into my life and business and can’t wait to see where it all goes next.
-Emily Gibson

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