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Sounds familiar, right?

Here’s the good news: I’ve been teaching women for over a decade how to become their biggest asset instead of their own worst enemy.

Most women fear being pushy in sales. They don’t want to be “that person”. I always ask, “Who is that person? And how long have you been living your life caring so much about what people think of you?”

Sounds familiar, right?

what if you could...

Stop people pleasing & start being your truest self?

get unstuck and start moving towards your goals?

stop the struggle and sell the most bang for your buck packages like the pros?

go to that next level of income & master your sales process?


Here’s the good news: I’ve been teaching women for over a decade how to eliminate their people pleasing ways and start being their truest selves every second of every day. 

92% of women who make 6 figures or more a year, do it through network marketing. This means that if it’s possible for them, it’s possible for you.

Do you realize you can change people’s lives with what you sell?

You can change your own life by learning to sell from your soul.

You can feel the pure joy that comes from helping one person after the next say HECK YES with ease and alignment to what you are offering the world.

In fact, there is no greater feeling than waking up to an email saying “You got paid.” while you’ve been asleep.

I bet you probably think you’re doing all of the right things, but feel like you’re stuck and not getting anywhere?

Sounds familiar, right?

Here’s the good news: I’ve been teaching women for over a decade how to stand out online and start questioning everything they’re ever been told to do.

Most of the time when you take advice from your upline on how to sell, you’re only making yourself a watered down version of her. The harsh truth is you’re trying to sell like her when instead you must be selling like only you can.  

I bet you struggle in your sales because you always offer the bare minimum to your prospects instead of the most bang for your buck package like top sellers promote.  

Sounds familiar, right?

Here’s the good news: I’ve been teaching women for over a decade how to work smarter, not harder.

When you are only offering your prospects the lowest available package, you are creating 10X the work for yourself compared to top leaders. Then you are still coming up short of your goal every month.

You can fix all of this and more, but only if you follow the right steps…

If you’ve been feeling unsure about the next steps to growing your sales, know that you’re not alone..

Most women are bombarded on the daily with toxic masculinity on their screens trying to sell them something they don’t really need.

To go to that next level income in your business, you must master your sales process.

I’ve discovered the method of selling like only a woman can… with ease, joy and fulfillment along the way. Gone are the days of convincing and persuading everyone to buy the bare minimum of what you’re throwing down.

For a limited time, I’m offering access to my Rewired For Business Program.

of person who would love to retire your spouse and you say you would do anything for success, but something stops you every time.



Join the only program built by a woman who has risen to the top of not one, but TWO different network marketing companies in record time. I want to give you my exact step-by-step process teaching you advanced sales tools and unique subconscious mind reprogramming...so you can replicate exactly what I’ve done into your business.



Rewired For Business

Rewired for Business is an online program that shows you how to rewire your brain for more sales, which ultimately helps you impact way more people.

You’ll discover my 3 step method that brings the sale to you, instead of you
going for the sale.

Most programs only focus on business & marketing tactics, but fail to focus on the most important element in sales: YOU.

That’s why if you’ve ever bought a course, hired a coach, paid for a program or went to conventions and then couldn’t get results, it’s not your fault…

Because before you can grow a massive sales revenue, you need to master the art and science of changing your own life.

Which means you must first sell yourself to YOU.

I help you achieve this using advanced somatic healing techniques and powerful subconscious reprogramming.

This will help you break the habits, routines, and behaviors that hold you back from your biggest goals. Which means you can do this process, over and over again…

And when you are rewired for Business, you will be embodying your truest self. The one who knows she is worthy of massive success and her dream clients.

This is exactly what the program will do for you, and I’m accepting new members today!

If you want to accept this invitation, all you have to do is click below to join the last program you’ll ever invest in.

Within 6 weeks of working with Cayla, I went from an average of $10,000-$15,000 a month for the past 10 years to have $120,000 a month. 

And it happened like that. The way she dug deep and helped me REWIRE and basically unearth any limiting beliefs that were holding me back.

- Elyse A.

What People Are Saying

And it happened like that. The way she dug deep and helped me REWIRE and basically unearth any limiting beliefs that were holding me back.

- Elyse A.

I just spent 24 hours with Cayla Craft. It has been an amazing experience.

I really opened up and she held a super safe container for me to adventure within myself and be open and free to find out what I wanted in life, and who I really am. I am extremely grateful!!

- Britt B.

I just had my VIP day with Cayla and she is an absolute genius when it comes to helping a woman figure out what is held deep inside. 

Her true passion and true highest self. Honestly, I was able to tap into and discover my gifts that have been created for me that I’m supposed to be sharing with the world. I’m excited to

- Patti G.

step into the truth for myself and other women in this world. So they can experience joy and clarity in their life.

Working with Cayla has been absolutely transformative.

I came to her with a business idea. And not only did she help me take that idea and scale it to multiple six figures in less than ten month, but she made me stay balanced and focused on my 

- Melissa H.

priorities which is family first. She helped me strategize and be able to build multiple streams of income, multiple sic figure businesses, while keeping my family the focus. She’s created so much belief in me that allowed me to take incredible action that created this success that I have today. I am forever grateful for Cayla.

HERE are the core steps I coach you through to get you Paid more than you’ve ever imagined:

Step One: Clear Your Energy Blocks

The first step to creating change is awareness of what needs to be changed. There is a step-by-step process for removing unwanted habits, routines, and behaviors that sabotage your goals in life. We’ll show you how to accurately identify those negative patterns, then teach you how to break those patterns.

Step Two: Claim Your Female Power

Use your beautiful feminine energy to turn heads to look at your business and attract your dream people like magic. For years, you have been told to cover up, talk quietly like a lady and don’t brag about your accomplishments. They’ve been trying to fit women into a man’s world. I know there’s a place for women AND men in God’s universe. Gone are the days of us beautiful women trying to do it like a man. It’s time to SELL and SERVE like only us divine women can. 

Step Three: The Art Of Selling

You will have a sense of ease in your selling process. That high pressure, sleazy marketing & selling tactics will be gone and selling will feel natural to you. Using NLP, prosperity consciousness and attunement you will create sales as often as you desire.

This is a 90 day program led by myself (Cayla Craft) where I teach you the step by step process on how to create your own sales flows to change your business for good.
Once you learn how to break your negative habits and shed the toxic masculinity out of your sales process and step into your sweet feminine flow, your business will feel so ALIVE.
You’ll gain new clients, increase retention and have an endless flow of referrals without wasting time on energy draining marketing tactics.
We’ll achieve this together by focusing on three core steps, likely in this order…

When you focus on these 3 core steps, you will win new clients, enjoy more freedom and move closer toward your dream life in the next 90 days.
This program will be taught live every single week so you can receive coaching and wisdom in sales.

meet the creator of the course

Cayla Craft

When Cayla was saving lives as an ER nurse back in 2011, she had this gut feeling that she was meant for so much more. Cayla didn't want to choose between having a happy family and having a successful business. So she embarked on a journey to have it all.

Nine years later, she discovered how to bring harmony into her family's life while helping thousands of women pursue their passions through Mommy Millionaire.

Cayla's three beautiful kids and supportive husband have all seen a dramatic positive change in her family's energy throughout this process. They're all thankful that she took the leap and chased her dreams relentlessly.

From her popular Mommy Millionaire Podcast, live events, coaching courses, and more, she's created tools for every woman to start and grow their own coaching business.

Her ultimate goal is to help one million moms become millionaires using the same principles she used to become a millionaire, too. She doesn't aim to just inspire you. She aims to give you concrete tips and tactics that you can be successful with today.

Not only has she built a multimillion dollar personal brand, she has also risen to the top of 2 different network marketing companies using the sales techniques she will teach you inside of Rewired for Sales. 

Here’s Everything You’ll Discover Inside Rewired for Business:

Banish money blocks for good! Discover how to raise your energetic vibration so it literally drowns out shame, guilt, and resentment around making more sales-which means making more money.

How to rewire your “Master Personality” – so you can effortlessly be YOURSELF in nearly any situation.

Multiple feminine persuasion techniques(ones that make you feel good when you are offering your product or offer).

Discover The Law Of Circulation and how it quietly dissolves your deepest “money blocks” while bringing prosperity into your life.

One amazing way to increase your influence- people prefer to say yes to people they like. Plus, you’ll even see...

How To Install “Infinite Prosperity” Into Your Core Beliefs So You Feel Like You Can Truly Have It ALL!

The secret to Wealth Triggers! How to replace your limiting beliefs with prosperous habits (all high performers do this).

One simple way to take INSPIRED ACTION five days a week (and rest on Saturdays and Sundays, if you choose…)

How to create a “Queen Vibe” that instantly repels toxic clients out of your life – and attracts successful people who celebrate you. 

The counterintuitive way to RECLAIM your power as a woman (and how you can do it as soon as tonight).

How to create your “Royal Circle!” Fill your life with a few supportive Queens who support your growth as a woman.

Stop focusing on your NUMBERS! Why you should paradoxically focus on feeling present and how that will increase your sales.













And so much more...

I know you want to know every detail to make sure that this program is for you. If you are in business in any capacity, but especially online sales, this is for you!


LESSON ONE: Uncovering your sales blocks


Week 2: Embodying your feminine sales flow


LESSON 2: Embodying your feminine sales flow

Week 2: Embodying your feminine sales flow


LESSON 3: NLP techniques

Week 2: Embodying your feminine sales flow


LESSON 4: Emotional freedom technique

Week 2: Embodying your feminine sales flow


LESSON 5: Hypnotic sales language

Week 2: Embodying your feminine sales flow


LESSON 6: The art of persuasion

Week 2: Embodying your feminine sales flow


LESSON 7: The power of the pre-sale

Week 2: Embodying your feminine sales flow


LESSON 8: Feminine brain power techniques

Week 2: Embodying your feminine sales flow


LESSON 9: Captions that serve

Week 2: Embodying your feminine sales flow


LESSON 10: Sales calls rewired 

Week 2: Embodying your feminine sales flow


LESSON 11: Turn your money magnet on

Week 2: Embodying your feminine sales flow


LESSON 12: Keep the clients flowing

If you could finally make business feel easy and attract your dream clients with ease all while designing your business around your life...
How much would you pay for that?
Some might pay $5,000… $7,000… maybe even $10,000 over a year, don’t you think?
You see, this is so much more than just becoming a sales magnet…
This is about finally breaking free from the lack loop that keeps women from stepping into their power.

Because when you’re not shackled by fear or worrying what other people think of you, you’ll never worry about money ever again.
It’s a bold claim, I know. But after going through this experience for myself and seeing other women cry tears of joy after achieving the same…
There’s no other process that’s as powerful for uplifting you, your sales and your finances to the highest potential.
Rewired for Business is valued at around $12,000!
But I’m obviously not going to charge you that much. That would be ludicrous of me. Since I want to get this into as many hands as possible, and I want to help women create entirely new realities...
You can enroll today for only $1997.


ABUNDANCE Tapping Sequence and Video
($97 value)



The Mommy Millionaire Mentality Course
($997 value)


Spiritual Principles for
Financial Abundance 
($175 value)


Higher Self  Meditation
($250 value)

I just have say this whole retreat exceeded any and every expectation
I had. 

Cayla’s energy is amazing and her mentorship is no other and I’m so grateful and blessed to have been a part of this. So many emotions. I’m so blessed and grateful for it all!

- Valbona C.

What People Are Saying

Cayla’s energy is amazing and her mentorship is no other and I’m so grateful and blessed to have been a part of this. So many emotions. I’m so blessed and grateful for it all!

- Valbona C.

This Mommy Millionaire retreat has been the most transforming part of my life.

Cayla’s energy has allowed us to have breakthroughs upon breakthroughs. We’ve all felt evert wave of the earth through our bodies and we’re all going to walk away from this retreat successful, abundant, peaceful and it’s allowing us to better serve our families and communities. 

- Rachelle P.

I walked away from the MM Retreat with the courage to start my own LLC today!

By facing the past and giving it respect by pressing forward in a spirit of love and prosperity. I’m ready!

- Britt J.

Join Cayla Craft and other like minded sales women for a 3 day coaching retreat March 1-4, 2022 in scottsdale, az.

The retreat includes:
•Live coaching from Cayla Craft
•Feminine embodiment exercises
•Bonding with like minded women
•Holy Yoga
•90-Day content strategy
•Hot seat coaching with Cayla
•Feminine sales training



ABUNDANCE Tapping Sequence and Video
($97 value)


The Mommy Millionaire Mentality Course
($997 value)


Higher Self Meditation
($250 value)


Spiritual Principles for
Financial Abundance
($175 value)

Let Me Show You How To Create The Business You Want...

From where I’m sitting, there are three options:
You can read this page and do nothing about it. You can simply go back to everything you were doing before, which is likely going to give you the same outcome that you’re trying to avoid right now.
You can do this yourself. You can take it upon yourself to identify what’s holding you back, replace those limiting beliefs, and create prosperity by yourself. And yes, it’s very possible. But how has that worked so far? Of course, through trial and error, you can eventually get it.
But when? And is it worth the wait?
There’s nothing wrong with the first two options. I’m not going to try and convince you otherwise. But if you want results faster...
You can let me help you do this. You don’t have to spend months – even years – trying to figure this out yourself. I can show you everything you need to know.
In just 12 weeks, you’ll discover the same strategy that’s turned me and countless others into millionaires...
So, you can finally go do the same for YOU.
Whether you take me up on this offer or not, that’s okay.
My mission is to help one million women become masters at sales. I believe becoming rich is the most spiritual, abundant, and giving thing you can do. And this is my way to help fulfill that mission and help you.
That’s all from me today.
Thank you, Queen. I can’t wait to see you in Rewired for Business!

Your Time to Master Sales is NOW...

If you feel a stirring in your spirit, it's time to say "yes" to her.
Your higher self guided you here for a reason.
It's time to trust the process.


*6 monthly payments*

•Instant access to Training calls
•Lifetime Access to updates






•Lifetime Access to updates
 •Bonus #1: ABUNDANCE Tapping Sequence and Video ($97 value)
•Bonus #2: The Mommy Millionaire Mentality Course ($997 value)
•Bonus #3: 3 Group Coaching Sessions with Cayla Craft ($7,500 value)
•Bonus #4: 15 minute strategy call with Cayla Craft Team ($250 value)

•Lifetime Access to updates
•3 Day Retreat

Still have questions?

Let's answer them!

Will Rewired for Business work for me?

The short answer, Yes! This will probably work for you. I can say this because I’ve used this exact sales process I’m teaching you to sell millions of dollars in my own personal brand using high ticket offers AND create teams to sell over 500 million dollars in the network marketing industry. 
Realizing your highest potential and creating financial abundance starts with you – which means this can work for anyone who applies it.

What should I expect upon sign up?

You will get access to the bonuses inside of Kajabi, so you will receive a confirmation email from Kajabi. Sign in with your username and password you created at sign up. Make sure to add our email as a favorite in your inbox so you receive the link to live classes that start October 4th.Realizing your highest potential and creating financial abundance starts with you – which means this can work for anyone who applies it.

What if I don’t own a business or sell anything yet?

I wish I would have had a program like this before I became an entrepreneur, I would have been much further ahead.
If I am in network marketing will this work for me?
Absolutely. The top network marketers are masters at sales, Cayla has risen to the top of 2 different companies in record time using these sales techniques.

“Can you guarantee results?”

If you do the work, commit yourself 100%, and follow the processes step-by-step, you will experience more success than you’ve ever thought possible. I can’t guarantee that you’ll do the work, so I can’t guarantee that you’ll get results. 
This is a program where it’s your responsibility to play full-out at 100% and take initiative in your own success, which is great news because if you are the one in charge of your success, then YOU get to choose how far you want to go.


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